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Art Nouveau - Buck Angel The Huntsman In Repose

christine lace

digital art based on pencil sketch


This drawing is based on this photograph of trans-man porn star, filmmaker, and motivational speaker Buck Angel. The decision to depict him as a old-time hunter with bow, arrows, and fur cloak was very spur-of-the-moment. i think Buck’s great and i had a number of strange feelings while making this drawing.

From Sexing The Transman Vol. 3 This trailer is from scene one a gender queer couple Bleu and Je discuss their own sexuality.

Ftm porn!  Buck loves finding guys who have never experienced a real man with a pussy and this is one of those times. Enjoy DykeBoy’s big dick fucking that transman hole. #transmanporn

FTM Porn star Tom Bruise from Sexing The Transman Vol. 2


Muscle Beach fists Cyd Loverboy in this brand new super hot scene on The Crash Pad Series!

Buck fucks hot slutty tattooed queer femme Nikki then has her strap it on and work his hole! Make sure to check out the whole sexy scene on the transman porn site!

Hot Trans couple Trent and Nikki in NYC shooting a very sexy and real sex scene for Sexing The Transman

L.A. street art of Buck Angel