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 From standing up to fucking doggy style on the bed, we get some great close ups of the action along with Rob sucking Bucks’ pussy to some “handy work.” The action is non stop between these two men and ends up in the bathroom with Buck bent over the sink. See more on Buck’s new FTM porn site!

It’s not really porn..but it can be if you want it too!


Fitness and health has become a big part of my life. Don’t worry sex is still #1 :) WOOF!!

This is video I made to introduce you to my fitness and empowerment website. I want to help you become your own teacher and learn to become healthy,fit and love yourself. I did it and you can too. All you need is some motivation and the will to change.

Hot new FTM XXX stuff.

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Great review of Sexing The Transman XXX Vol. 3



The legendary Buck Angel offered me a copy of his film Sexing the Transman XXX Volume 3 because I previously enjoyed the first volume. The original Sexing the Transman was very much focused on trans guys’ solo sexuality – masturbation techniques, favorite toys, and so on. Volume 3 is…

Buck Angel’s all new FTM porn website. All the hottest new trans men porn stars on his new site.  


Safe Sex video for Transmen! Great stuff….


Amazing transman safe sex video from France! Thanks Bruce La Wurst for sending this to me. Pass this around it could save lives! WOOF!

This is always a great thing to hear when you make porn, not everyone thinks your doing a good service to the trans community. But I have always thought sex is such an important part of becoming yourself.


Buck Angel’s ”Sexing The Transman Volume 3“ is an incredible pornographic documentary providing insight into the lives of a few inspiring individuals.

Alongside scenes of raw, fairly uncovered territory, I got to see candid conversations revolving around sexuality, gender, transition and body pride.

I have struggled in the past when trying to learn things about gender transition. I felt like I didn’t know which questions were appropriate to ask and which ones aren’t. This film provided a non-exploitative look into their world.

I would recommend this film to anyone - whether they be fully versed and experience in queer culture or are wanting to learn more.

- Jesse Rae West (Co-Founder of I’d Tap That) 


Hot #transman Sean in Sexing The Transman vol 1

super hot to see more transmen showing off the meat!

super hot to see more transmen showing off the meat!

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